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Package services offered in florida
In and Out
$45.00 BZD plus any shipping or courior charges.
Use this if you wish to send a package back to the original shipper from Florida.
You Have Mail has no provision for sending packages to the US.
Package storage in Florida
Minimum fee is $75.00 BZD
or $.90 BZE per LB or $$3.00 BZD per cubic ft. Whichever is more.
Fees apply after the first month, which is free.
Physical verification, segregation or inventory.
$120.00 BZD per hour.
Minimum, 1 hour.
Repack or consolidate
$24.00 BZD for the first 2 packages.
$4.50BZD for each additional peice up to 5 total peices.

Use if you have several small minimum size packages and save shipping costs
Package resize
$15.00 BZE per box
Use if your shipper has used a grossly oversize boz for the contents Size.